MVT: Collective—LOK

CLOK_Heart 01

Image courtesy of Collective–LOK.

 Collective–LOK (CLOK) is an interdisciplinary collaboration by Jon Lott (PARA), William O’Brien Jr. (WOJR), and Michael Kubo (over,under). Based in New York and Boston, their project has transformed spaces throughout New York as aesthetically and functionally disparate as the quiet corridors of the Van Alen Institute and the bustle of Times Square, where their widely photographed work ‘Heart of Hearts’ was installed after winning the Center for Architecture’s 2016 Times Square Valentine Heart Design Competition. Consisting of twelve heart-shaped mirrors in a circle, the work both intensifies and focuses the scale of its surroundings into a space for flirtation, reflection, and play. Anna Rowell spoke to the collective about disciplinarity, context, and collective pursuits.

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