MVT: Florian Dombois


Image courtesy of Florian Dombois.

The research-based practice of German artist Florian Dombois may be informed by an education in geophysics and philosophy, but it extends into innumerable uncertain contexts in a spirit of experimentation and site-based attentiveness. His widely varied works, spanning mediums and disciplines, move from abstract fancy to concrete expression, from questions to curiosities, in a tantalising engagement with the sense and receptiveness of the onlooker. From sound sculpture to skyscraper-spanning threads of light and beyond, these interventions operate between precision and ephemerality; both generating maps and measurements, and impelling us to think about the subjective experience of the space under examination.

After a brief encounter in Boston, Florian Dombois and Sasha Amaya began a correspondence which stretched over one year, encompassing a breadth of topics and concerns, both practical and theoretical.

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