4.5 : writing on dance : Ocean of pink dots at SOUN D ANCE


Duo Ocean of pink dots (Jenny Haack and Hui-Chun Lin): Ferne schweifen. 22.07.17, SOUN D ANCE Festival, Dock 11, Berlin.

The question of the creators to one another is intimate — how can one be a dilettante to a colleague’s expertise? — and experimental — how can one go into the uncomfortable realm of a sister discipline? Jenny Haack and Hui-Chun Lin, who together constitute Ocean of pink dots, present Ferne schweifen (Distant Wanderings), which, with its clear investigation of how sound and movement can work as mirrors, as pairs, as opposites, and as surfaces for transference, is pointedly on theme at the SOUN D ANCE Festival. Nested in pas de deux form (a performance in pairs, followed by consecutive solos, and reunited by a second duet), which lines up not directly with the number of performers on stage (as the cello’s body make a robust third) but with the « binary » of sound/dance, Haack and Lin explore each other’s realms with courage and remarkable elegance, but perhaps Lin goes slightly further in her journey into the realm of movement than Haack ventures into sound. And while a duo of such friendship and flexibility could have tendencies toward the casual, this is nothing of the sort: striking, structured costuming, clear lighting choices from Emese Csornai, and the finesse of experienced artists result in a deeply satisfying balance between the abstract and organic. Entangled limbs, an enchanted voice, steering bodies through cold waters.

Review by Sasha Amaya for Viereinhalb Sätze.

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