Lake Studios Residency

IMG_1522 - Version 2.jpg

At work in the studios with Isadora at Lake Studios, residency July 2017.

Lake Studios Berlin is a shared living and dance production space for 9 diverse residents (short and long term). They are primarily freelance movement artists working in diverse styles and methods of dance, yet there is a constant reflection which takes place between them daily; in form of dinner conversations, showings/discussions, and other methods of exchange.  The studios have existed as an artist run community living and dance space since May of 2013. Along with the two sprung wooden floor studios, there are diverse facilities alongside one another including a large garden, a wood workshop for set and prop building, sewing machines, a media lab/library, as well as some technical equipment — such as a beamer, theater light set up, piano, cameras, mixer, and sound system. The space is unique because of its calm and concentrated working atmosphere as well as the friendly community of artists  supporting the creation of work. Opportunities for showings and performances are organized monthly, as well as professional trainings and curated workshops to support the movement of ideas and choreographic research.