Choreographers’ Lab with Sasha Amaya Begins 25 + 26 AUG


Three choreographers will lead a workshop lab in relation to their work. They will also present these works in a shared performance evening on August 29th.

SARABANDE is a poetic study into the darkness, frivolity, humour, and beauty of French baroque dance history retraced in our present moment. Proceeding through four recreated Baroque dances – the Allemande, Sarabande, Passacaille, and Menuet – we explore the relationships between music and movement, composition and transmission, and ask questions about history, power, lineage, and structure: To whom does “classical” dance belong? What is my relation to this tradition which I have been taught? What kind of symbols and hierarchies are entrenched in dance? How can we repurpose historical traditions, and to what extent? The processes we worked through in the creation of Sarabande have been both formal and cultural, and through them we have arrived at movement which is alight with juxtapositions: precision and ambiguity, the formal
and informal, the familiar and the foreign.

WORKSHOP FROM SASHA AMAYA: In this workshop, Sasha Amaya shares two processes she has used in reworking historical dance material in the process of creating Sarabande. First are structural processes of de- and re-construction, including remixing and zooming, as well as « quoting » material, practices of translation, and working with scale. Second are reflection and documentation tools which can be used in conjunction with a highly physically-based creative practice to reflect on, edit, and reframe material for a final work. The aim of this workshop is to share both conceptual and practical approaches that are particularly relevant when dealing with historical dance, but can be applied by the participant to their own field of interest.

To find out more about SUBMERGE Festival and the workshops at LAKE Studios, click here.

For more information about SUBMERGE Festival and the workshops at LAKE Studios, click here.