Summer School: Curating in Context Begins

Curating in Context Summer School takes the form of a three-week investigation into curating in the contemporary context, supported by a partnership between Lokomotiva North Mazedonien, the University of Zagreb, Tanzfabrik Berlin, and the University of Arts Stockholm.

The 2019-2021 Erasmus+ project co-organized between two NGOs (Tanzfabrik Berlin and Lokomotiva Skopje), and two Higher Education Institutions (Stockholm University of the Arts and University of Zagreb) was developed to respond to the challenges of the growing influence of the concepts of curating and curatorial in the contemporary art field, beyond the sphere of visual arts. The project focuses on creating knowledge and opportunities for students, practitioners, curators, scholars and cultural workers to critically reflect and address different socio-political and economic contexts, and develop curatorial methods to rethink the practices of performing arts in relation to activism, social movements and self-organization. In a period of two years, the project comprises a series of meetings, public events and various resources that thematize collaborative learning approaches through curating between politics and policies, as well as valorisation of art with the greater goal of manifesting the impact of the cultural and civil sectors on society.