4.5 : writing on dance : albert quesada + zoltán vakulya

Albert Quesada & Zoltán Vakulya: OneTwoThreeOneTwo. 04.04.2019, Lillian Baylis Studio, Sadlers Wells, London.

the chords strike as i have never heard them before, the prickly guitar and aching voice of flamenco shaken up and spilled out into two bodies whirling on stage. forms and tensions are diced and split into almost this, almost that, never quite there as sounds and shapes are reexamined, refashioned, reorganised, and sometimes, simply, removed. i recognise the movements—fundaments of daily training—and yet, as i try to fix my vision, they slip away into something else: a history of heartbreak, longing, posturing are shred into ribbons of backs and bones spun across a square floor. as milky legs twist round, sweat shines down spines, his ankle cocks inward as his hand stretches out, hovering between recklessness, longing, and hesitation. gulf of beauty.

Review by Sasha Amaya for Viereinhalb Sätze.