Darmstadt 10 / Nadar Ensembles presents Prins, d’Heudieres, Bailey + Abas Kiarostami

Laughter Studies 7, Louise d’Heudieres. Photo: Kristof Lemp.

Nadar / OurEars

Private concerts in the afternoon:

Natacha Diels: ‘I love myself deeply and unconditionally.’
(In collaboration with Sam Scranton)
14.00–18.00 ongoing

Vladimir Gorlinksy: Rosenhöhe. Apollo
(With participation of Nemø Ensemble)
14.00, 16.00

Martin Schüttler: Free Darmstadt
14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00

Cathy Van Eck: Music Stands Outside
14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00

19.30 Centralstation:

Stefan Prins: FITTINGinSIDE (2007)
Louis d’Heudieres: Laughter Studies 7 (2017/18) – Premiere of the new version
Abbas Kiarostami: The Chorus (Film: 1982, Iran)
Joanna Bailie: Analogue (2011)

Nadar Ensemble (supported by Nemø Ensemble)

Many of Darmstadt’s residents still vividly remember the four hot air balloons on Georg-Büchner-Platz. In 2014 the Belgian ensemble collective Nadar performed the multimedia piece DEAD SERIOUS in front of 3,000 viewers. This year, Nadar is focusing on the personal experience of music with the project OurEars. The hosts from Darmstadt and their international Summer Course guests are invited to experience intimate listening situations in a shared apartment, an artist’s studio, a doctor’s house and an alternative cultural center. Four composers (Natacha Diels, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Cathy van Eck, Martin Schüttler) will be curating site-speci c music for each of these spaces. On two of the performance days (23 and 24 July) several performances will take place at the same time in the afternoons, each for just a few listeners. In the evening all of the musicians and visitors will come together for a nal concert held at Centralstation, where pieces by Stefan Prins, Joanna Bailie and Louis d’Heudieres will address the transitions between urban and concert space, inside and outside, listening and seeing as well as the translation of something heard into language. Following the concert there will be an opportunity to talk about the various listening ex- periences over a drink and get to know the musicians on the Centralstation forecourt.

Nadar Ensemble:
Marieke Berendsen (violin, scenography), Toon Callier (guitar), Rebecca Diependaele (business manager), Yves Goemaere (percussion), Wannes Gonnissen (sound), Vincent Hepp (viola), Pieter Matthynssens (cello, artistic director), Elisa Medinilla (keyboard), Thomas Moore (trombone, production leader), Melissa Portaels (assistant production), Stefan Prins (artistic director), Dries Tack (clarinet)

Nemø Ensemble:
Mar Sala Romagosa, Ben Bertrand, Esther-Elisabeth Rispens, Wim Pelgrims, Ward De Jonghe, Bert De Rycke, Elisabeth Klinck, Karel Stulens, Anna Vermeulen, Freya Bovijn