MVT: Matana Roberts


Image courtesy of Matana Roberts and Constellation Records.

Matana Roberts is an American composer, improviser, and visual artist. In addition to her solo performance, she has collaborated with dozens of musicians and ensembles, from her own trio Sticks and Stones to groups including Burnt Sugar, Exploding Star Orchestra, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Her visual and performance work has been presented at the Whitney Museum, the Fridman Gallery, and the Bergen Kunsthall. The first three installments of Coin Coin, a projected twelve album saga, weave together visual, musical, and personal material in an experimental tapestry of stylistic and historical breadth.

Roberts spent September 2017 in New York’s Madison Square Park amid artist Josiah McElheny’s Prismatic Park exhibition, absorbing the history, landscape, and activity of the park, and responding in real time to these surroundings.

Cam Scott corresponded with Matana Roberts after her residency at Madison Square Park, exchanging thoughts on performance, installation, visual scores, and American musics.

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