0_LagaWolfsburg_©_Joosten_digiWs3_digi_5_022Image courtesy of TOPOTEK 1.

When Martin Rein-Cano founded TOPOTEK 1 twenty-one years ago he was seeking artistic and entrepreneurial independence. Now, as an internationally important multidisciplinary team with roots still firmly planted in landscape architecture, TOPOTEK 1 remains one of the most exciting firms to watch for its breadth of scale, its technical precision, and its sense of humour. Through their elegant and exacting execution of unconventional projects, Rein-Cano and his team have the rare ability to reflect upon and utilise natural, artistic, design, and engineering processes in equal measure.

Sasha Amaya visited Martin Rein-Cano at the TOPOTEK 1 Berlin headquarters to learn more about the firm, its history, and its ethos.

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