Actéon FRI 19 June 5 PM + 8 PM


“Dans tout le cours de la vie un spectacle si doux ne s’offre pas deux fois.”

“In the course of a lifetime, so sweet a spectacle does not happen twice.”

When Actéon glimpses Diana bathing in the wood, she seeks revenge by transforming him into a deer. Jubilantly aided by the goddess of the hunt, Actéon’s men, unaware of his fate, pursue the expedition on which they together set out, unknowingly bringing tragedy into their midst.

Actéon changé en biche
Music By Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Direction by Sasha Amaya, Music Direction by Naomi Woo
Clare College Chapel
19 June 2015 . 17h & 20h

Image by Johannes Hjorth, poster by Hannah Taylor.