Henry IV Opens TUE 5 May 745 PM


Henry IV Part One
Directed by Jamie Armitage
ADC Theatre
5-9 May 2015
Opening 5 May 2015 . 19h45

“banish not him thy Harry’s company: banish plump Jack, and banish all the world.” (II.iv)Henry IV, consumed by guilt over the rebellion by which he seized the throne, faces an uprising of his own. His enemies are uniting to challenge his rule.

All the while his heir Hal shuns his royal responsibilities, keeping company with the miscreants of Eastcheap: drunkards, thieves and a certain John Falstaff. Caught between two worlds and two domineering paternal influences, Hal must decide between fulfilling his birthright and a life of heady merriment.

A traditional playhouse setting, complete with live band, will be the backdrop to this interplay of political intrigue and boisterous comedy; an exploration of identity against the forces of responsibility and revelry.

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