Defined Flow Weiss-Mann Technique Workshop

DEFINED FLOW Diving Deep into Weiss-Mann Technique
A workshop with Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss
12-16 July 2021

This workshop dives deep into a well-rounded dance experience that addresses all aspects of the dancing artist, physically, mentally, emotionally, creatively, and spiritually. We will give attention to these many facets of being while gradually blending them into a skillful, harmonious whole. The main components of the workshops consist of a short yoga practice to ground and center, follow by a technical class in the Weiss-Mann style. Throughou the week we will change the last portion of the day. Some various that could arise include playing with and delving deeper into choreography and reperatoire, exploring imporvisation with Weiss-Mann qualities, or creating short compositions alone or in groups. From its inherent roots in modern dance, Weiss-Mann technique offers the dancer technical challenges, and encourages finding an organic, defined flow in which the body can move uninhibited through space.