I:Opera Launches for Greater Opportunity + Transparency

I:Opera launches to further opportunity, equality, and transparency in the famously opaque world of opera.

I: Opera launches for greater opportunity, equality, and transparency in the famously opaque world of opera.


“The pandemic has allowed us as individual artists and makers, time to reflect on the shape and future of our industry. We want to come together to question, re-set and make change happen.

We want to use this moment of pause to gather our collective strength as independent opera makers and build a new future for our sector.


We are individuals, independents, autonomous andcommitted to Action.

We are a grassroots organisation focussed on change. As individuals, we believe change starts with us. We can react immediately, within our own work, we set our own boundaries and good working practices, and encourage those we work with to do the same.

We make targeted, practical actions [that you can find on our ever growing ACTION page] that anyone can join or start.

Our first three ACTIONS are:

  • Building a community – I:OPERA Network
  • Promoting Kindness & Dignity within Opera Making
  • Developing a relationship with the UK Opera companies in order to promote equality and diversity

We set our own agenda, so everyone can have their say and find support within the I:OPERA community.


We are a group of creatives who make opera – currently a collective of designers, directors and musicians. 

We want this group to become a space for all opera Makers and opera Lovers 

Performers [instrumentalists, singers, actors, dancers], producers, crews [stage managers, flys, production managers, head of stage, technical managers, scenic painters, builders, props makers, costume supervisors, cutters, costume makers] creative teams [costume designers, set designers, lighting designers, video designers, sound designers, movement directors, choreographers, fight directors, directors], conductors, musical directors, composers, librettists, music staff, instrumental leaders, sponsors, administrators, cleaners, technicians, students, donors, investors, dramaturgs, surtitlers, cleaners, casting directors, educators, répétiteurs, broadcast directors, translators, language coaches……anyone who is involved in the huge collaboration that is Opera.

We want to be for anyone involved in or enamoured with the opera industry, both current and future.

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