Cluster XI Launches Digital Edition 1 May 730 PM


A bird is standing on the edge of the water, “Not dead” it says. With a smile it spreads the message: “Get your life back on track by signing our recovery form”.

Curatorial Statement

“A radio channel from the future. A memorial that only appears at dawn. A sardonic selfie museum with a room dedicated to work by local musicians. A corporate phone tree that branches into the absurd… Cluster XI Digital Edition explores ideas of wavering, shimmering and revealing. Fiction is peeled away to reveal fact which is peeled away to reveal fiction again.

Cluster XI Digital Edition contains hours of media, from audio pieces to videos to web games to recipes and more. This festival mixes artists originally programmed in our cancelled edition with artists chosen through a rapid global called for submissions. The program contains work that we feel is urgent, expansive, and balanced between humour and poignancy.

Cluster XI Digital Edition was curated during the month of March 2020 in the earliest days of Canada’s lockdown. It was important to us to do something, and to do it quickly. We wanted to create a straightforward response to a crisis in the only way we knew how, by creating a way to pay artists and to show their work to audiences around the world.

Cluster has always been a blend of music, media art, performance, and Prairie hospitality, and we have approached the curation of this digital edition no differently.”

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Cluster XI Digital Edition runs from 1 May to 1 June 2020.

For more information on Cluster Festival in general, click here.



Festival Curators:
Ashley Au, Luke Nickel, Eliot Britton, and Heidi Ouellette

Website Design & Coding: Christopher Willes

Contributing Artists:
Bad Wave, Kerub, Phth, Slow Spirit, Quigital, Beatox, Shamik, Mutable Body, Hiba Ali, Omid Moterassed, Cale Weir and Ben Mccarthy, Raine Hamilton, Chroma Mixed Media, Anna Friz and Emmanuel Madan, Brendon Ehinger, Juro Kim Feliz, Luke Nickel, and Cathie Ugrin.