Cluster Festival Postponed + Call for Digital Formats

Cluster XI

A Message from Cluster


It is with a heavy heart that we announce to you that we will be cancelling (or postponing) Cluster 2020 due to concerns with COVID-19.

Under the current government guidelines, the festival would still be allowed to move forward. However, we do not feel that with the changing landscape we could continue promoting and planning with artists and audiences in good faith knowing that this might change within the next week or two.

Overall, we are most concerned about the health of our artists and audience members. We want to act preventatively and be on the right side of flattening the curve. It is so important that we all do our part in fighting this pandemic.

So much hard work has gone into this year’s festival from the organizers, artists, and volunteers involved. We are so sorry to have to make such a drastic move. We hope that all this labour and energy can still blossom into something in time. In the meantime, we implore everyone to stay safe and to take the health and safety of others seriously.

Let us continue to collaborate, seek solace in our communities, and make art even through these difficult times.

Ticket holders for 2020 Cluster Festival events will receive detailed information via email or phone regarding exchanges or refunds. If you are unsure of what to do, please contact us at




In light of social distancing, travel bans, and health concerns, Cluster is proposing to move our 2020 festival edition online.* We are seeking a handful of digital works for presentation. Although the festival’s programming has a strong focus on sound, submissions from all disciplines (including multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects) are encouraged. Examples could be: an interactive web work, video, audio recording, photo series, DJ-mix, playlist, website, game, podcast, text, live-stream performance or any other work that can be disseminated digitally.

Cluster will provide a fee between $250-$1500 CAD to the successful applicant(s) that is to be understood as the total project budget. Submissions can be international, and we welcome submissions from artists of all races, ethnicities, gender-identities, sexual orientations, ages, and persons who are disabled.** Submission via this online form are due March 28, 2020.

The application form can be found at:

*All our current artists from Cluster’s 2020 edition have been rescheduled or paid their full artist fee and invited to make a digital translation of their work for online programming in our digital festival.
**Cluster would like to acknowledge that many people in the disabled community have been navigating similar challenges to those presented during COVID-19 on an ongoing basis. As such, we recognize as an organization that concerns about access during COVID-19 must be the beginning of a longer process to make our festival more accessible.