Teacher Training Intensive at Candoco


Candoco is the company for which choreographers reserve their wildest and often most inventive work

The Observer

Candoco: Who We Are

“We are a world-leading professional dance company continually expanding perceptions of what dance can be.

Bridging the mainstream and the experimental, our bold approach and powerful collaborations create distinctive performances and far-reaching learning experiences. We celebrate different ways of seeing, of being and of making art, putting us at the forefront of conversation around dance and disability.

The company, founded in 1991 by Celeste Dandeker-Arnold OBE and Adam Benjamin, collaborates with some of the industry’s most renowned choreographers and artists. We create performance work that is presented at prestigious venues and festivals in the UK and internationally.”

Candoco’s Teacher Training Intensive

“Candoco offers an annual Teacher Training Intensive workshop alongside other resources to support and inspire inclusive dance teaching.

Candoco’s Teacher Training Intensive will:

  • Question perceptions of what best practice and inclusive teaching might be
  • Develop skills, communication and confidence in working with a diverse group
  • Inspire a spirit of openness and curiosity to find new ways of working
  • Nurture creativity so that students and teachers continue to learn and fulfil their artistic potential”


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