s+r making workshop


Homemade Instrument and Improvisation Workshop

Join them in a participatory workshop at ArtJunktion’s repository of donated materials to make, draw out, amplify, and listen to the sounds of recycled-object instruments. Participants will use self-made instruments as the focal point to discuss and find ways to make aesthetically driven work together, and touch on some practical aspects of using microphones in live situations to amplify quiet sounds. Amplification, as well as Sound of the Mountain’s self-made condenser microphones, will be available to use on site.

Sound of the Mountain

Sound of the Mountain is Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen on amplified clarinet and trumpet. Their idiosyncratic use of their instruments led to an interest in microphones, amplification and self-made instruments. With an active international tour schedule and over 165 concerts together in the last four years, they’ve learned the ins-and-outs of what doesn’t (and does) work for them in amplified live sound situations.

Presented by send + receive: a festival of sound, and ArtJunktion.