CFCF features work by Andrew, von Bingen, Knowles, Lim, Oates, and Ono + Post-Show Talk SAT 2 MAR 1 PM

Photos: Sasha Amaya

A programme of music for the Cambridge Female Composers Festival
St. Clement’s Church
Bridge Street
2 March 2019 . 13h00

“We are delighted to invite you to small event that we are curating at St. Clement’s Church at 1 PM on Saturday March 2. We will be showcasing some of Cambridge’s brilliant singers in a playful concert of vocal music by composers Kerry Andrew, Hildegard von Bingen, Alison Knowles, Sylvia Lim, Janet Oates, and Yoko Ono; we will be hosting a Q&A with Sylvia Lim and Janet Oates following the event. The event is hosted by the Cambridge Female Composers Festival.”

Hildegard von Bingen O Ignis Spiritus paracliti
Janet Oates Atomic Choruses (2014, rev. 2017) – From Poems and Fancies (1653) by Margaret Cavendish
Hildegard von Bingen O Ignis Spiritus paracliti
Alison Knowles Piece for Any Number of Vocalists (1962)
Sylvia Lim paper wings (2015)
Yoko Ono Lighting Piece (1955)
Kerry Andrew CoMAblues (2016) – From Blues by bpNichol

Sung by Robbie Haylett, Ruari Paterson-Achenbach, Anna Wagner, Joanna Ward, Alice Webster, Louis Wilson

Directed by Sasha Amaya & Naomi Woo

Featuring a Q&A with Sylvia Lim & Janet Oates

For more on the Cambridge Female Composers Festival, click here.