L’incoronazione di Poppea Opens FRI 2 NOV 8 PM


L’incoronazione di Poppea
an opera by Claudio Monteverdi
with libretto by Giovanni Francesco Busenello

Direction by Luke Fitzgerald (Music) and Sasha Amaya (Stage)

Trinity College Chapel
2 + 3 November 2018 . 20h00
3 November 2018 . 14h30

Nerone, emperor of Rome, is wed to the beautiful and virtuous Ottavia. However, he finds himself besotted with the glorious Poppea, and vows to make her his wife. The pillars of reason, including Seneca, and popular opinion (represented by the disgruntled guards), oppose such an overthrow, but against the desire and cunning generated between the two infatuated lovers, opposition is futile.

Ottone (in historical fact Poppea’s husband but in Busenello’s libretto her rejected lover) also yearns for Poppea, and seeks various ways to entrap her, while remaining immune to the charms of Drusilla, who devotedly dotes on the elegant and just-out-of-reach, if. myopic, Ottone.

The air is rife with advice: Arnalta advises Poppea, Nutrice advises Ottavia, Seneca advises Nerone (unsuccessfully), and the guards advise one another.  Domination rolls like dominos: Nerone dominates Ottavia, Ottavia dominates Ottone, Ottone dominates Drusilla, and, Seneca, Poppea, and Lucano all take their turns wielding Nerone. Most controlling, perhaps, is Amore, who competes with Virtù and Fortuna for supremacy as the sparks of young love fly.

– excerpt from Director’s Note

The Cast & Characters

The Lovers

Nerone – emperor … Alice Webster
Ottavia – empress … Chloe Allison
Poppea – aspiring empress … Lottie Greenhow
Ottone – lover of Poppea … Hugh Cutting
Drusilla – lover of Ottone … Beatrix Swanson-Scott

The Gang

Seneca – teacher of Nero … Louis Wilson
Lucano – friend of Nero … Henry Websdale
Liberto – captain of Praetorian Guard … Henry Laird
Nutrice – confidante to Ottavia … Michael Hong
Arnalta – confidante to Poppea … Fiammetta Fuller-Gale

The Virtues

Amore … Anna-Luise Wagner
Virtù … Hannah Littleton
Fortuna … Beatrix Swanson-Scott

The Team

Music Director Luke Fitzgerald
Director Sasha Amaya
Assistant Director Michael Morrison
Producer Lucy Roberts
Assistant Producer and Stage Management Alix Marie d’Avigneau
Costume Clarissa Hard