“A hand on the arm: Gesture, neurodiversity and performance” Leah Sidi on Not I and A Certain Sense of Order

Image credit: Claire Shovelton.

Leah Sidi writes on Not I and A Certain Sense of Order for the medical humanities platform The Polyphony.

“Working in the medical humanities we are often inclined to focus on the exceptionality of the experiences we describe, whether they may be illnesses, neurodiverse conditions or disabilities. Not I and A Certain Sense of Order remind us that all conditions, medical or otherwise, nonetheless take place in spaces that are social and ordinary – made up of hands and bowls, kitchens and supermarkets. When handled deftly performance can remind us of the materiality of any form of supposedly mental experience, providing a gêste-à-peau which might interrupt us, and prompt us to notice each other.”

Read Leah Sidi’s full article in The Polypony here.