A Certain Sense of Order: Images

32481469154_ef9f59e97d_k33283482336_c35b1c7eb0_k33283483156_5f4dc0f12d_k32941547350_b793171bba_k32481482324_3df8a2e948_k33168905422_c64a290484_k32481485164_0a6d36bd04_k32941546690_594e32e43a_kImages of A Certain Sense of Order, Rough for Opera, Tuesday, 7 March 2017, London UK. A new work by Catherine Kontz, Naomi Woo, and Sasha Amaya. Featured singers: Rosie Middleton and Rebecca Cuddy.

Images by Claire Shovelton. twitter @no_commentary / instagram @nocommentary

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