music + movement FRI 12 AUG


music + movement
290 McDermot Avenue
12 August 2016 . 20h

Concert Programme

Take Three: Karelia Suite (2016)
Sasha Amaya

Take Three: Karelia Suite investigates the movement of conducting and the relationship between the sonic and kinesthetic arts. Conductor Naomi Woo works within the confines of a set sonic landscape to explore the movement of conducting in inverse relation to its usual prescriptive direction. Here the details of movement are stretched within a highly restricted formal structure.
String Quartet #1 (2015)
Luke Nickel

String Quartet #1 is a 15-minute spoken-word performance that explores ideas of transcription, redaction, sound, and silence. The work’s text is an unaltered transcription of a rehearsal by the Obsession String Quartet from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. String Quartet #1 was created in residence at the Arnolfini Gallery (Bristol, UK) as part of the event Sound, Silence, and Listening: An Afternoon with Christine Sun Kim.


various interpretations of utopian music (2016) Canadian Premiere
2016 commission by tick tock
Louis d’Heudieres

Utopian thought and musical composition have quite a lot in common: both can be seen as acts of imagination that give life to a world that is better socially organised. The most obvious example is probably orchestral music, which has traditionally required a strict organisation of musical ideas and social cohesion to function. Some music grapples consciously with utopian themes: Mahler’s second symphony, in its attempt to express a reversal of death, could be called utopian. In this piece, as perhaps in many others, the musical score is treated as a utopia. It is grasped at roughly and imperfectly, through textual description and rudimentary vocal imitation, it remains as unachievable as ever, leaving a trail of human reality chasing after it.


laughter studies (2015) Canadian Premiere
Louis d’Heudieres

Two people describe and imitate the everyday.



Delf Gravert

Jillian Groening

Ian Mozdzen

Natasha Torres-Garner



Sasha Amaya


Many thanks to aceartinc., Young Lungs Dance Exchange, Video Pool, GroundSwell, Leigh Anne Parry, Joel Mierau, Aaron Zeghers, and hannah g.