nuna (now) + FRI 3 JUN

TESSERACT and Alexis O’Hara at nuna (now)
Millenium Centre
745 rue Ottawa
3 June 2016 . 21h

A hybrid performance, installation, and concert <<TESSERACT>> takes its inspiration from the planetarium, inviting us us to contemplate the spinning magic that is both local and universal, the birth and death of what we call the universe. The brainchild of Montreal art duo (Stephen Lawson and Aaron Pollard) and close collaborator Alexis O’Hara, this performance considers the possibility of other dimensions and universes beyond imagining. Winnipeg performers, including the Esprit de Choeur Choir and vocalist Peter John R. Buchan, fill the historic Millennium Centre with songs, projections, and visions of utopian dimensions. Within the scope of this performance, audiences are invited to revisit childhood fascinations with parallel universes, wrinkles in time, and 19th century concepts of the multiverse, a glimpse of humanity bound together, hurtling through space: a disappearing act and a reminder of our own transience.