Utopia Speakers + Artists Announced


In Archæologies of the Future, Fredric Jameson wonders: “can we invent a way of reading Thomas More’s Utopia (1516) so as to recover something of the shock and freshness of its elegant new Latin for the first European readers?” This symposium is both interdisciplinary investigation provoked by this question, and a celebratory reading for the 500th anniversary of More’s text.

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Confirmed Speakers

David M. Bell (Newcastle)

Gregory Claeys (Royal Holloway)

Jonah Coe-Scharff (Cambridge)

Davina Cooper (Kent Law School)

John Guy (Cambridge)

Nicholas Johnson (artist)

Sarah Lohmann (Durham)

Edwin van Meerkerk (Radboud)

Laura Scalabrella Spada (University College London)

Cam Scott (artist)

Cathy Shrank (Sheffield)

Tessa Smith (Humboldt)

Andrew Zurcher (Cambridge)

Visual Artists

Jonny Briggs

Declan Jenkins

Nicholas Johnson


Louis d’Heudieres


Rosalind Dobson, soprano

Leilani Barratt, mezzo-soprano

Benedict Collins Rice, tenor

Robbie Haylett, baritone



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Image by Sasha Amaya.