MVT: The Future is Out

Triangle (e.1), embossed and screen printed

Triangle, 2011. Image by Sarah Anne Johnson, courtesy of the artist and the Julie Saul Gallery, New York. An interview with Johnson features in MVT’s first issue.

MVT Issue 1: The Future

“As readers of art, architecture, and landscape journals, we found little writing at the intersection of these three areas, and a dearth of publications that focus on the experimental and artistic side of landscape art and architecture. We wanted to challenge the traditional disciplinary separation between these domains. MVT aims to mitigate this shortfall by providing a quarterly publication featuring diverse and exciting contemporary artistic and architectural work that engages nature and probes our relationship to it.

The theme of our first issue is “the future.” Turner Prize-winning architects Assemble share their thoughts on community, process, and moving forward; architectural maverick Philip Beesley engages in conversation about minimalism, fertility, and scale; and artist Sarah Anne Johnson speaks about summer jobs and subversive installations. Articles from Colombia, Egypt, Germany, and the United States question urban renewal, cloud computing, and green architecture. We also present the images of Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances, who suggest possibilities for urban rejuvenation in the Netherlands; the oil paintings of Megan Krause, who grapples with the role of the artist and her materials in our society; and the speculative collages of Kyle Branchesi and Shane Reiner-Roth. For each, creative work is a way not only to speculating about possible futures but also a means of actively engaging in their creation.

The gathering of work for our first issue has been tremendously exciting and rewarding. Conversing with artists, architects, designers, curators, and urbanists has produced a rich vision of the relationship between landscape art and architecture and our hopes, fears, desires, and dreams for the future ahead.”


January 2016

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