Young Lungs Research Series

New work with Rachelle Bourget and Ian Mozdzen, mentored by Natasha Torres Garner. Young Lungs Research Series, December 2015 and January 2016.

“Young Lungs Dance Exchange is a network of artists committed to creating and contributing to the arts in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Young Lungs Dance Exchange was originally conceived in 2003 by a small group of dance artists with the goal of providing a supportive framework for independent dancers and artists in the community.

Through an exchange of skills and resources, Young Lungs facilitates a range of projects centred on promoting collaboration, new creation, and opportunity for emerging artists to explore their voice. It is through these opportunities that we hope to support the growth of performers, choreographers, and teachers of dance.

Young Lungs Dance Exchange has proven to be very successful in giving a voice to emerging creators, as well as creating a venue for so many of Winnipeg’s cherished dance performers. The Exchange has also been very succesful in developing new and energized audience members for dance. Our vibrant energy and interest in collaboration, and experimental quality, has attracted a new generation of dance lovers in Winnipeg. We are motivated by the belief that dance is a vital element to a growing culture, and a necessary tool for emotive communication. Because of this, we are determined to continue facilitating growth and experience for Winnipeg’s emerging dance artists.”