These Walls Opens WED 21 OCT 8 PM

053 MACKENZIE plate 2-600dpi

Architectural drawing of King’s College Chapel from the King’s College Library Archives.

These Walls
New work by George Kan, Lucy Moss, Benedict Kearns, Michael Davin, and Zoe Higgins
In commemoration of King’s College Chapel’s 500th Anniversary
King’s College
21-22 October 2015 . 20h

“In 1515, the stonework of King’s College Chapel was completed, making 2015 the 500th anniversary of one of England’s most extraordinary buildings.

To commemorate the anniversary, King’s College is funding a series of individual events, concerts and talks, conceived and organised by fellows of the college and professionals, but mainly Cambridge students. More information can be found on the King’s College website.

THESE WALLS is a theatrical event devised, performed and run by current Cambridge students. An exploration of the college archives reveals that theatrical performance has often suffered through the years due to the restricted viewing of the ante chapel seating and the echoing acoustic that makes the reception of dialogue extremely difficult.

Our response is an immersive performance that leads the audience through the entire chapel, incorporating light, sound, music, voice and movement, highlighting the building’s spectacular architecture in entirely new ways.

The creative team is comprised of students with a range of experience and knowledge, including directing, lighting and sound design, choreography and musical direction. Our aim is to use a collaborative devising process to develop an production which responds to the late gothic architecture and the chapel’s 500 year history of college use, within the context of contemporary theatre practice.”

For more information see HERE.