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#chairyouridea < 0.05% of native prairie habitat remains. City spends $37,438 a year on mowing. Stop mowing highway boulevards. Restore native species!

Less than 0.05% of native prairie habitat remains in the province of Manitoba. While the city of Winnipeg is home to one native prairie reserve, the City government also spent $37,438 a year on mowing city owned boulevards. I suggest that we stop mowing boulevards, and replant them with much needed native prairie species. Starting with the boulevards dividing Bishop Grandin, let’s stop mowing, and spend $30,000 on the cost of replanting the boulevards between the Red River and St Anne’s Road with native prairie plants. In doing so, we can save city money, restore our native habitat, welcome back butterflies and birds, and beautify our city! It’s a feasible, creative solution to a big problem, and the return — in ecological health and financial savings — will be enormous.

20150918_171149Photograph of stool #725 by Sasha Amaya

“Available to all Winnipeggers, CHAIR YOUR IDEA is a crowdsourced and crowdfunded open competition that seeks to generate 1000+ urban design ideas and $30,000+ to realize the winning idea…

The chairs are placed in public locations throughout the city and cared for by participating local businesses for the duration of the three week competition period. The accumulating chairs and the creative new ideas associated with them will allow Winnipeggers to take a seat in the newly claimed public spaces, take part in the urban design discussion, and exchange thoughts on how to make our city even better.”

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