Were She to Work with laBAUBOratory SAT 25 JUL


“idealization (aɪˌdɪəlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or idealisation
1. the representation of something as ideal
2. a conception of something that dwells on its advantages and ignores its deficiencies
3. a general theoretical account of natural phenomena that ignores features that are difficult to accommodate within a theory”

“Were She To Work” re-imagines the myth of Pygmalion for the 21st century. Written, directed and performed from two different continents, in two different cities, the piece is an experiment in transnational theatre production. Audience members in both Cambridge and Mexico City will embody different characters, following guided audio experiences throughout both cities. Each character’s story forms a different interlocking part of a larger, global narrative. In Cambridge, the story follows an ambitious economics PhD student whose life gradually unravels as he falls under the spell of an enigmatic webcam girl. In Mexico City, the story revolves around a wealthy expat struggling to find a sense of purpose and legitimacy in her new life.

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