Mini Mentorship with Sculptor Chris Cooper

Inst!_Zurich13An installation (?) at Zurich, 2013, photo by Sasha Amaya.

Mini Mentorship with Chris Cooper
An exploration into the diversity of sculpture and installation practices.
Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art
April-May, 2014




Chris Cooper’s work includes drawing and paintings, but her primary media is sculpture created with clay, welded metals, found objects, wood, and bronze that she casts in her studio. Recently she has been exploring public art and community art projects, and is currently completing public sculpture in rural southwestern Manitoba and in Carberry as resident Artist in the Community. She has worked as the Art Educator at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba in Brandon for the past five years, and has taught workshops for the AGSM, Art City, and Red Deer College. Chris has been exhibited locally and nationally.





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