Actéon Cast Announced


“Dans tout le cours de la vie un spectacle si doux ne s’offre pas deux fois.”

“In the course of a lifetime, so sweet a spectacle does not happen twice.”

When Actéon glimpses Diana bathing in the wood, she seeks revenge by transforming him into a deer. Jubilantly aided by the goddess of the hunt, Actéon’s men, unaware of his fate, pursue the expedition on which they together set out, unknowingly bringing tragedy into their midst.


Actéon — Rowan Haslam

Diane — Gabrielle Haigh

Junon — Judith Lebiez

Daphne — Jenny Ashworth

Hyale — Carys Brown


Actéon changé en biche
Music By Marc-Antoine Charpentier
Direction by Sasha Amaya, Music Direction by Naomi Woo
Clare College Chapel
19 June 2015 . 17h & 20h

Photographs of Rowan Haslam and Gabrielle Haigh by Johannes Hjorth.